Canary in the Coal Mine

Three Quick points for Christian Response to LGBTQ.

Quite often we get this basic question, “How should I respond as a Christian to those around me who have embraced LGBTQ identity or ideology?”

Although it is not an easy answer and can be quite complicated to navigate at times, there are some simple responses that go a long way.

1. All people are valuable: No matter how different our beliefs are we must remember that every life if valuable to God. As a Christian we must ask our Heavenly Father to give us His heart to love those who do not know Him. When we are able to see through His eyes we are able to show kindness and love to those who have chosen to live contrary to the Words of our God. Remember when you were once lost, you needed love and not rejection. Those who have embraced LGBTQ identity long to experience being loved and valued.

2. Build a Bridge: Before we can give advice that is received, we must first have relationship. Take time to be a friend, show love and build relationship before you speak truth that may be difficult to hear. Build a bridge to the heart of the one in LGBTQ, then wait for your friend to open the door to the LGBTQ conversation and be ready to speak truth in love. When you love long enough, the subject will come up. It is vital that you be prepared to speak the truth in scripture and through testimony of those that you know of who have been set free from LGBTQ. You may not know these testimonies personally but you have access to hundreds through our ministry online. Here is one amazing link: Such Were Some of You

3. Tell your Jesus Story: If you know Jesus, you have a story. Loving LGBTQ is no different that loving any other person who does not truly follow Jesus. Just tell your Jesus story; most likely it will not have anything to do with LGBTQ but Jesus will be lifted up and He will draw all men unto himself. The focus is not LGBTQ, the goal is for your friend to be Born again in Christ Jesus. When this happens, the rest of the transformation will follow.

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