Lay Counseling

We are not licensed counselors, nor are we licensed Christian counselors. We are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who provide lay counseling from our own experience and from our years serving Christ and His church. We provide this service free of charge over the phone, in person and at conferences and speaking events.  We do not provide lay counseling to individuals under the age of 18 without permission from their parent or legal guardian.

Healing Prayer

It is the Lord Jesus Christ himself who alone heals us, delivers us and sets us free. Through healing prayer, we seek the Lord’s presence and power as He moves to meet our deepest needs for healing and wholeness.


We share the truth about God, our biologically based genders and corresponding heterosexuality, healthy relating, marriage and practical information about pursuing the healing and freedom God has for us in Christ.

Parent Support

We provide support and lay counseling to parents, guardians and loved ones of individuals who identify as LGBT or who are in LGBT marriages or relationships.  Our director of parent support has personal experience with this.  She speaks from her own experience of transformation of loving her child unconditionally and remaining true to the authority of scripture.


His Wonderful Works events, including the Amazing Love Event, give Christians from around the world opportunities to glorify God by sharing their testimonies. As an attendee you will find hope and truth for your heart and encouragement for your Christian journey. As a testifier, you will be strengthened in your inner person and become more secure in your identity as God’s beloved child.

Referrals & Other Resources

We provide referrals to ministry partners, counselors, and churches depending upon the needs the individual.

The resources page of this website contains a list of books, websites, ministries and counselors that we have found helpful for ourselves and others. We make no claims about their effectiveness for others; their licensing, qualifications, fees and services.  It is each individual’s responsibility to find healing and recovery resources that are best for themselves or those under the age of 18 for whom they are a parent or legal guardian.

Please give financially and help us share the good news that there’s hope, healing and freedom in Christ for the sexually and relationally hurting.

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