Do you struggle with same-sex attraction and are you afraid to reach out and tell someone?  You are Not ALONE.  There are many dealing with this struggle who are not sure where to turn.

This is the story of one man’s pain of hiding in the shadows with his struggle and confusion about his sexuality. He is pleading for an open and honest conversation especially in the church where many are silent.

He reveals his fear, confusion and depression over the anticipated responses from the church, his friends and family. As some in the church are completely silent while others condemn him to hell but don’t offer any help to overcome the struggle. He mentions his insecurity when among family and friends afraid they will ridicule him.  The LGBTQ community will embrace him but he knows that isn’t right either so where is he to turn? Is there HOPE for someone like him?  This video reveals an Amazing journey of courage to find truth, love and acceptance.

YES, there is HOPE for you and that is why we are here.  Reach out to us and we will pray with you and connect you to someone who cares. Someone who has already been through the journey and will help each step of the way.  It is a challenging journey but so worth it as you will find your purpose and the true love from the one who created you as He Loves you Very Much!

I believe this is a wake up call to the church.  This subject needs to be talked about and discussed.  We are also here to equip the church to deal with this subject and provide the resources needed to help those hiding in the Church Closet.

Please give financially and help us share the good news that there’s hope, healing and freedom in Christ for the sexually and relationally hurting.

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