Sweet Holy Spirit

Sweet Holy Spirit

Sweet Holy Spirit, You reveal the deep things of God to me. You lead me, you fill me with joy, you teach me what to say, and you are Truth. Holy Spirit, you give me instructions, you give me Power when you come upon me, and you cause me to speak the Word of God boldly. You encourage me, as I speak you may fall on those who hear and they may be filled with you. You send me, you keep me from going somewhere that I should not, even if it is to preach. You warn me, you pour out and shed God’s love in my heart, you give me joy, you cause me to overflow with hope, and you sanctify me.

My body is your temple, you cause me to say, “Jesus is Lord”, you make fellowship for me with Father God and Jesus. You are my seal, you reveal things to me, you help me to guard the good deposit within me. You caused me to be saved by your renewal in me, and you show me things. You testify to me about things of God, You could carry me away to a mountain great and high. You are wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear and awe of the Lord. You will gather us, you can give me rest and you could come into me and raise me to my feet or lift me up. You can move me to follow God and cause me to walk in your statutes. I don’t need might or power, I need your Spirit. You give life to me, You are Truth that comes from my Father. You can give me wisdom as I speak, You can tell me things, You could suddenly take me away to another geographic place. I can be compelled by your to do something and I can urge other people by You. My mind can be governed by You and I will have life and peace.

There is another realm that You are in and You give me life. You will quicken my mortal body because you live in me, You give me the ability to put to death the misdeeds of my body. I can be led by You, I can cry Abba Father because of You. You testify with my spirit, You help me in my weakness and you intercede for me. You can give me Power of signs and wonders, You search all things, You know the thoughts of God because you are from God and You cause me to understand what God has freely given me. I can be taught by You, I can discern things through You, You cause me to be washed, justified and sanctified in Jesus. You will give me gifts and there are manifestations of You. You could give me the gift of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, distinguishing of spirits, and tongues and interpretation. I can eagerly desire Your gifts.

You are given to me to drink. I can utter mysteries. I can praise God in You, You are in my heart as a guarantee. You are the Lord and where You are there is Freedom. I received you by believing what I heard, not by works because I received you by faith. You cause me to eagerly wait by faith for righteousness. You cause me to walk by You. I can be led by You. You produce fruit in my life. This fruit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness and Self Control, and Faithfulness.

You grant me wisdom and revelation so I can know God better. You give me access to the Father. The church is a dwelling where God lives because of You. You can strengthen me with Power. You are a sword, I can pray in You, You give me provision, You cause me to serve God and give me the ability to serve God. You give me wisdom and understanding. You do a sanctifying work in me. You have given me a Spirit of Love, of Power and of a sound mind!

Oh Sweet Holy Spirit cause me to be all that God has purposed and planned in me and help me to know YOU!! In Jesus Name!!

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