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Living To Serve Him

Dee Barnes has been ministering to the Body of Christ in the areas of sexuality and family for over 20 years. She has been a speaker at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii for Youth with a Mission as well as many conferences, events and radio interviews.  She has been a coordinator of the discipleship program Living Waters by Desert Stream ministries. Her testimony has been published in Transformation Magazine.  Dee  is currently active on the board of Restored Hope Network and in her professional life is the President and CEO of a Metal Stamping Tool and Die business in Conyers, GA. Dee lives in Covington, GA with her husband Rodney and their three children, Ian, Joel and Olivia.

Dee’s testimony and teaching have encouraged many congregations in the Truth of God’s transforming power. Her transparency opens the door for many to be set free from the shame that binds them and her teaching brings understanding to many issues including God’s plan for family, healthy relationships, sexual sin, homosexuality, sexual abuse and pornography addiction.

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His Wonderful Words, Inc. is a non profit organization declaring the call to sexual purity in the Kingdom of God and the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We are helping Christians stand fast in God’s Truth about healthy family, relationships, and sexuality!

What Are People Saying About His Wonderful Works?

The service you gave was awesome. I was enlightened by many things! But the best is Tori was paying attention,if you recall I had told you that she thought be gay was OK because you were born that way. When I told her then showed her what God’s word said it fell on deaf ears. But yesterday her hears were OPEN!!….She said I learned alot about sexuality. I learned the being gay is not OK. That God said it is wrong. You should be married before you have sex that was they way God wanted it. TV shows things we should not see. And God destroyed that city because the were doing gross things! She is 13 and she absorbed alot of what you said. The seed has be planted! –  Judy Darcy, Christ Fellowship Stn. Mtn. GA

The joy and freedom on your face as you danced yesterday touched me so deeply. I know that the same joy and message of freedom will bless others and help them be set free too when you dance. We loved hearing your teaching and testimony too. – Beth Hovis, Christ Fellowship Stn. Mtn. GA

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You did a fantastic job Tuesday night. Several men in my group commented about how much they received from your testimony and teaching-both encouraging and challenging. I greatly appreciate you giving so freely of your time and transparent testimony of God’s grace and love. You were pitch perfect and God was honored. Bless you.  – Charles Heydt, Church of the Apostles, Atlanta

After hearing Dee Barnes speak, I felt lead to share my past story of moral failures and the redeeming grace of Jesus with my five grown children. I did not want to have the “secrets” of the past stop me from sharing with young girls and guys how devastating premarital sex can be, especially when it ends in abortion. Dee’s talk gave me the courage to be real. My children all lovingly forgave and accepted me and my failures. They are also supportive of me sharing my testimony where God leads. It has been very freeing and joyful to be living in the transparent light of God. . I pray God will use me to save many lives. – Linda Lindsey, Young Americans Christian School

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