Amazing Love Event

God’s Glory Shines at the Amazing Love Event

After 2 years of faithful prayer team meetings, we were able to finally experience the dream come alive. With over 40 testimonies, a team of faithful volunteers, two worship bands with worship artist and a professional production team, God moved in a mighty way in all the lives that were touched that day.

We have received so many compliments and encouraging words from those who attended.  Here are just a few of them:

I was moved in so many ways that day; from the power of the Holy Spirit moving in every single person that presented; it was clearly evident that anything is possible with Jesus Christ. Thank you for your commitment to helping people find Christ and sharing your love of Him with others. I know people’s lives were changed forever.

I was extremely blessed by the Amazing Love Event and I’m so glad that I attended! I learned a lot and I believe the tools that I receive will better help me minister to individuals struggling in these areas of weakness. I would like to encourage you and your team to keep pushing this message of freedom in Christ Jesus, it is greatly needed and you all do an amazing job in the way you present it!

I really enjoyed today. I learned a lot which will help me on my journey. I do not feel so alone now. Thank you for everything you do. I will look into living waters.

I believe that so much more happened on that day than we know.  I do not know all that God has planned from here, but I do believe Sept. 24th was only the beginning. We were there for SO MUCH MORE! ~Dee Barnes